So Im...


At school today (I go to NYFA) and Im standing in line waiting to buy film and I notice a movie poster for "Brick" on the wall and right in the center of that movie poster it was signed "Hit Record" JGL. Man I really wish you knew how much that made my day.It had to have been a couple of years ago at least that Joe signed this poster and the fact that I was standing there thinking of how long Hit RECord has been around and how even though I haven't contributed as much as I should because I felt incapable, still can't take away from the fact that I too have also watched this baby grow from the small forum the the amazing v4. I am so very proud to have found and become a part of this family of wonderful beautiful strangers that make my heart soar. Thank You So Much!! And I am making myself a promise to stop being scared of contributing to these collaborations even though it is fun to sit back an watch... LOVE LOVE LOVE

So Im...

Created: Jan 16, 2010


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