Characters for HitRecord

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Here are three characters I created, two cats called Cheesepurr(yellow male cat) and Cheesepurra(female pink cat), and a superhero character I call Abbie Abikadaz, she is a superhero that can fly, has superpowers, and is a time traveler, keeping the timestream safe. These characters could be added to a story that needs some cat characters or a superhero character. They also would be great as stories on their own. They aren't limited to the outfits they have on, they wear different outfits like the cats could wear something less formal and Abikadaz usually doesn't wear a giant red button that says "REC" on it. I just added that to make her a part of HitRecord. I usually put her in a blue dress and sometimes a blue tophat with her name on both.

Created: Nov 13, 2010


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