Voices from the Courtroom

By LittleBeth

Voices from the Courtroom

Text Intro: If same-sex couples could enter into marriage, it would not change that institution of marriage. It would COMPLETE marriage. Legislatively and judicially, evolutions in our culture have always improved marriage and our society...

Voice 1: Being married gives us access to THE LANGUAGE. We don’t like calling each other ‘partner’. When I’ve opened a bank account saying “My partner and I want to bank together”, they want to know what kind of business we’re in. When we travel, the desk clerk will look at us perplexed if my partner and I order a king side bed. Everyone understands what the term HUSBAND means.

Voice 2: She’s my WIFE, but I can’t really say that word, even to those who know what it means. We aren’t business partners. We aren’t girlfriends. We aren’t glorified roommates. Our relationship is that we are SPOUSES. The only difference is that we can’t marry.

Voice 1: He is the love of my life. I love him more than myself, in sickness, in health, until death parts us. I would do anything for him. If expression of love is the purpose of marriage, then can we really say to a bisexual – a person who loves two people, one of each sex – that they don’t have the same right to express their love for one of those people?

Voice 2: Marriage has a special meaning. We want to share in the joy and happiness our parents felt, our friends and neighbors felt, when they were married. Marriage would afford us inclusion within the fabric of society we live in. Our family could feel proud. Our children could be proud. The quality of a good parent is not based on the gender of that parent, but ON THE QUALITY OF THE HEART.

Voice 1: Proposition 8 used children in their campaign; ‘Protect the Children’. When I think of protecting children, I think of protecting them from harm; protecting them from drugs or a pedophile or a criminal — something that could harm your child. It’s so INSULTING even to insinuate that I am part of that criminal category. To lump this issue together — to say that our marriage means a child will be harmed.

Voice 2: The campaign focused on how children needed protection from our marriage. That felt so manipulative. It was harmful to our family, to our children and our community. It was as if there was great evil that needed to be stopped — and that evil was, I guess, US? The best thing for children is to have loving parents, who love each other and love them. There’s really nothing more I can say about that.

Voice 1: We have to deal with this constant validation of self. Why should we have to settle for a subchapter partnership? Why should we be excluded? Why shouldn’t we have a right to use the same terms? I’m not less patriotic. I’m not a lesser American. So I’m tired of these constant reminders. I’m tired of being put in a corner and being told that I am different.

Voices from the Courtroom

Created: Jan 16, 2010


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