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Looking through this "Best of photography" collab, I can't see that the idea has gone forward; maybe I'm missing something.

But as a non-photographer who's a fan of photography, I'd love to see something come of it! I think we as a community should start thinking very deliberately about how to make it happen. That's why I'm not just putting this as a comment, which would get lost among all the RECords and comments contributed. Maybe we can use the comments on THIS RECord to think together and post ideas, not photos.

Because the collab seems to have become a rather unwieldy collection of SO many amazing, wonderful photos, it's difficult to work through them.

As I understand it, the original idea is to either produce a book (perhaps a series of books, or annuals) and/or have a photography contest. So as I see it, we need to figure out how to make this happen, and the difficulty is that the way this website is set up, a collab quickly becomes unwieldy. This one certainly has, so I'm not sure it could be ultimately what feeds into the intended project(s), but I could be wrong about that!

Some possibilities - and please share your ideas in the comments!

--We could set up another collab that's meant for hitRECorders to contribute albums of their photography recommendations—preferably, photos that are not their own.

--We could set one up that asks for people to contribute their own photos, but as albums - one per person. People can continue to add photos to their albums, but at least the albums would manage/organize things a bit. And if we decided later that we wanted to include just one or no more than, say, three, photos by a single artist, having albums would facilitate that.

--I have no idea how we could go about doing a contest with the current website. Would we need to set up a separate website, or a separate section on this website, to handle it? Especially if entry fees are involved.

--Another consideration is if we wanted to take seriously the possibility of selling photos to advertisers or others, we'd have to work out how to protect the rights of the individual artists. Presumably most advertisers would want to buy the rights to an image, which would be a shift from the hR policy that artists retain their rights. We'd have to think about that and get it all hammered out so that artists aren't caught by surprise, especially if they were contributing to this general collab (which is open-ended about the kind of result it's aiming toward).

Hope that makes sense. Let's brainstorm on this, see how we can make it happen, and send Joe out shopping for some hitRECord ISBN numbers! :D

Created: Nov 12, 2010


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