RECord in a Bottle- Show Your Heart

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Hi Everyone!

Here’s what I propose: Take the Heart of Collaboration off the net and into your world. Your physical world.

Show us the people, places, or things you love, collaborate with, or that you feel hold some special meaning for you.

You don’t have to say what/ who/ where they are, nor do you have to say WHY he, she, it is important to you if you don’t want to (though that is certainly interesting.)

Take a picture, sculpture, t-shirt (whatever-proxy-you-like) with the Heart on it, put it nearby, and then snap off a few shots or a video.

Some suggestions to get things rolling:
Show some places where you have filmed or written your RECords
Places that mean something personal to you, where you got an idea or where something important happened to you.
Places you stayed with friends, or maybe even something you built or repaired together.
Pictures with people you love, collaborate with on something, or admire.
Pictures with a collection of things that you love, that mean something to you, or perhaps that you used as props for a video. (Like, say, a quill pen being held by a crab's claw or a giant butterfly. ^^ )
Places where you and your loved ones gather for something- around the stove cooking dinner, by the fireplace in the winter, in the shed working on something, in the garage fixing an engine, rocking out by your sound system- or maybe back at the computer putting together videos. ^_^

My main point in all this? Show a little something. Help us to know and love what you love and share it around.

So here is my first contribution- I’m casting out a metaphorical bottle to you all- let me know if you get the message! :D


Created: Nov 12, 2010


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