"AXE" Film Description!! :)

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This is a description of a story that I hope to one day make into a Film or something!! I am currently working on the script for it, any thoughts or comments for it would be appreciated!! It is called "AXE":

"AXE" Film Description:

A War Vet. Grandfather is aware that he might soon be sent to a retirement center.

The grandfather's son doesn't want to send him to a retirement center, but his wife finds a way to convince him otherwise.

The grandfather decides to go outside to get some fresh air, and to clear his head, when he hears something making noise in the garage. Paranoid that it might be a possum or a skunk around, he decides to grab his son's axe to kill whatever it was underneath a tarp. Surprised to find out that under the tarp was the neighbors dog, which his son had a grudge against, the grandfather decides to clean any evidence that might lead back to him.

The next morning, the grandfather wakes up to arguments outside his bed room window about what happened to the neighbors dog. The neighbors accuse the grandfather's son for killing their dog, and agree to see each other in court.

Nervous that the evidence will lead back to him, the grandfather decides to go on a weekend getaway with his sailing buddies to a cabin that he once owned.

He has flashbacks to when he brought his son up to the cabin with him, and to teach him how to sail, and chop wood with an axe, a gift at the time.

Telling stories to his son about his war experiences and of how he met his wife, now deceased.

The grandson and grand daughter are both embarrassed about the predicament that their father is in while at the court house, their college campus, and their neighborhood.

No evidence leads back to the grandfather, and the son is sent to jail for a month without bail.

Afraid that his son might find out that it was his father all along that killed the neighbors dog, he decides to leave a note to his family, and leaves for one last sailing voyage with dangerous consequences.

A week before he is released, his wife visits him in prison notifying him of his fathers death.

Another week goes by, so he is released to attend a funeral the next day.

While mourning his passing, the grandfather gets the last laugh as he dies along with his secrets, and an axe on his grave.

Created: Nov 11, 2010


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