for the sake of Art

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Art for the sake of Art
for the sake of expression
for the sake of impression

We debate

Art for the sake of connection
for the sake of emotion
for the sake of commotion

We Create

Art for the sake of heart
even just to start
on the exploration of “why” or “what if”
there are no fences and no consequences

We stitch
a bit of heart, a bit of soul
a little rock, a little roll
we run a risk and take a leap
before we lay our heads to sleep
we say, we “need to,” “to survive”
if just to live and stay alive
it is our calling, is our drum
defibrillator, daily hum

It is a love, a lifestyle
how I’ll spend my life’s while
end of every day, concede
to look down at my wrist and read
“for Art we live” in printed ink
no other way for me to think
from now on and since the start
my purpose is for the sake of Art

Created: Nov 11, 2010


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