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This is a little poem put together by Echolalianova. Read by me.

Here is how the poem was put together and the words.

"Maybe this should be my new daily affirmation. Constructed from random phrases in spam filter, a Footsmart catalog, and a few other sources in my immediate view. I also added a few words here and there.

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Recovering? Still feel down or tired?
It is fine, don't worry
Look again
Get it now, you will see
Finally I found it!
Heya, this is the one
Uh huh, it's OK
I can take it
Still upset?
Tread ever so softly
Look for effective ways to ease pain
Free yourself from embarrassment
Standing still or on the go
Life feels better
Everything you need
Look again
Get it now, you will see"

Created: Nov 10, 2010


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