City Systematic {Collaborative Poetry}

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**City Systematic Collaboration** - Please post your additions here:

Lots of yammering on in this video, but here's the jist.

Let's make a poem together!

The limits of City Systematic are virtually endless, as the human body has so many components just like a city.

These are the things I'd for us to collaborate on:

- Writing: Write some more verses of various organs/body systems that you can relate to a competent of a city

- Reading: I'll need people to read the finished (or mostly finished) product.

- Video: Once we get to a good point in writing, I want to start pulling together video of different parts of the city that are in the poems. I also want to use lots of time lapse and light footage.

- Music: I confess, I'm no good at finding music. So any ideas you have for this are appreciated.

Hopefully that covers everything. If you have any questions or ideas, just let me know! ♥

Created: Nov 10, 2010

Tags: collaborative poetry, re:city, creative collaborations, poetry;, in a city

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