A Father´s Son

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-Security is all what a cage can bring, but only a free bird learns how to sing-

Dear Father ...

I remember this one evening, the first time you reminisced
about who you really are, your journey through the mist
one through thorns and wires, dug with an iron fist
that same day I realized, in your clothes I´ll never fit

A pine could never be a palm, a wise man once said.
For if they ever switch roles the first would end up dead.
So to be a palm, as solid and calm - find your own bread
It´s strange how fathers´ words backfire on sons instead

Today I write striving to be worthy of your respect.
Choosing another road, a life you´d never expect.
Trying to achieve being half the man you are, except
I was raised to never accept living in another man´s debt.

Just know that your son will always want what he needs.
As happiness can´t be bought, money never completes.
Just remember that the same tree that gives a seed,
could grow into another one with ripe fruits as sweet.

forever with love
your one and only son

Created: Nov 10, 2010


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