Just a little tired

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She takes down the dish.

It is dirtied once again.

Back into the sink it goes.

She picks ups the basket.

Full of dirtied clothes.

A pain, from back to the toes.

She drives to work.

Patients fill her ear.

They force her energy to decompose.

She buys all the groceries.

All the basic food groups.

The aching grows.

She puts the children to sleep.

One story at a time.

Her heart fills, and then she goes.

She steps into her bedroom.

Husband awaits her in bed.

For a second she froze.

She smiles at her soulmate.

“How are you?”

“Just a little tired.”

They make love.

She is happy with the life she chose…

Created: Nov 10, 2010


PaulineJinan Document Media