Flow Temple Poem

By Major Thom

I wrote this poem in Vegas as a present for burning dan and the Teafaerie... It is about love, flow, and manifesting dreams into reality with records.

Flow Temple

The reflection you present is my soul's compliment,
A perfect illustration of pronoia's intent,

We cast a record laced spell, like the ring of a bell,
It ripples into the future to bounce back and propel,

They can hide and they can run,
But our rise is on the horizon,

An order forged chaos of stray souls made to rhyme,
Our song has been sung since the dawning of time,

Our dance given breath by the universe's birth,
It's geometry spins from the core of the earth,

Excelsior! Oh yes! yes! yes!!
The beating heart within your breast,

The spark that grows within your heart of hearts,
And explodes like a star with blinding art,

The pull of the tide, which will not be denied,
Shapes the sands and demands to erupt from inside,

And so a temple will stand, A dream wrought from our hands,
To let flow overflow as evolution demands!

Flow Temple Poem

Created: Jan 15, 2010

Tags: flow, teafaerie, Alien Jon, record spell, poetry, flow temple, burning dan

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