Fallen Angel

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Falling through the clouds
Closer and closer to the unforgiving earth
The rushing of air fills my ears
It’s dark down here

Finally to the ground
Cold and shivering
My heart pounds
My wings ache

Where have I landed?
Why is it so still?
What was that?
Who’s out there?

My feet can barely hold my weight
My tattered silk gown does little against the wind
My hands hug my chest in search of warmth
My wings pull around me to keep the darkness away

I turn inward
Try to figure out what went wrong
Why have you forsaken me?
Thrown me down here into the dark

I’m lost in this wilderness
I have nowhere to go
No one to help me
Only a path ahead to follow

Maybe that’s what I’m meant to do
Follow that path ahead of me
Discover where it leads
Start anew

Maybe that was the plan all along
Did you really think I could survive this?
Do you have that kind of faith in me?
Can I make it through?

Created: Nov 09, 2010


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