You bloodsucker

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// More random scenes, go! Features Pearl Button, A Random Child, Ned Needle, and Ned Needle's growing headache.

"When I was in school, I thought one of my classmates was a vampire!"

The child looked up at Pearl Button (albeit not very far up), with saucer-sized eyes and a mouth hanging open wide enough to fit a whole pamagotchi pie. "Were they really?!"

"Unfortunately, no."

"/Un/fortunately?" a third voice cut in.

The child's eyes widened even further when they caught sight of the speaker. "Ahh..."

Pearl shrugged, cowed by neither the displeased voice nor the owner of it. "I thought it would be neat to be able to turn into a bat and fly around."

The look Mayor Ned Needle sent her way told Pearl exactly what he thought of her. She merely beamed in response. He rolled his eyes; but she caught the very slight quirk that curved one corner of his lips before he smoothed it away.

"So what happened?"

Pearl turned to the child, grin only growing. "He grew up to be the mayor."


"In my defence, you were very pale."

"I was /anaemic/."

"So are vampires."

Ned reminded himself that there was a child present, breathed in slowly, and rubbed at the bridge of his nose.

"--But don’t fret, I know you are not one now, so I won’t try to stake your heart, behead you, and burn your body while you’re asleep, or anything."


"Oh don't look at me like that. It was a joke."

"That was not a joke. Jokes have to be funny."

"You have no sense of humour. --Oh! That reminds me of another funny story..."

Created: Nov 08, 2010

Tags: stitchtown, nevernotwuz, stitchpunk, humour

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