Poem: The Book of Rage

By MattMilli

Please when you read this, don't take it the wrong way or in all seriousness.

People say they know me, but they really don't. People want to get to know me, but i''ll make it so they won't. Go ahead, open the book of my rage...go to the end of the first chapter and turn the page. Welcome to Chapter 2, this is when i close your eyes and seal them with glue. I whisper in your ear and tell you everything will be all right, even though right then and there I relieved you of your sight. Welcome to Chapter 3, this shoudln't be me..."But what ever happened to nice Matt Milli B?"....He's gone now can't you see, He aint the kid no more who blasts Queen's "I Want To Break Free". He's a monster right now, a Kanye “Mavin”...he no longer sits at home and watches That's So Raven.

Welcome to Chapter 4, if you've made it this far please lock your door. Your mouth has been shut, banded together with a needle and thread. Now you can't see me and I have no Idea what the fuck you just said. You probably think i'm crazy and yes thats not true. I'm straight Ludacris motha fucka through and through. Welcome to Chapter 5, so please don't drink and drive. As i sit here in this ghostly hollow of a room, I feel my insanity hit like VOOM VOOM VOOM!!! I sprint around the room like a mad dog with rabies, feelin empty like i jus gave birth to eight babies. I now look at your ears and I plug them up...HAHAHA!! now you can't hear me scream "SHUT THE FUCK UP.”

Welcome to Chapter 6, to the center is how many licks? So now you are deaf, dumb, and blind. Probably thinkin i'm out of my fucking mind. Well I could be? should be? would be? wanted to be? praying to be? Hoping to Be? fucking to be? believeing to be? hoping to be? Dieing to be? trickin to be? Plannin on to be? IS this what it seem?......

Man wake up...its just a motha fuckin dream.

Poem: The Book of Rage

Created: Jan 14, 2010


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