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Thought it would be a good idea to have more detailed profile sheets for a project like this with multiple contributors, to make it easier to give each character a consistent voice/image. It may not be necessary to drill down into so much detail for every single character, but i think it would help for more central ones like sparrow, SPARROW, Mr. Commongood, Yarny, etc. :) Do add or ignore fields as needed, the ones here are just off the top of my head.

I’ll kick this off with Ned Needle as an example, since I’m oddly fond of the stuffy sod, and kind of ran off and created a backstory for him <<;; Details are of course open to discussion and will be updated as needed.


Full Name: Ned Needle III
Nicknames: Ned; Mayor; Mayor Stick-in-the-mud; That Officious A******; Three
Age: 30s

Brief physical description:
- Tall; lanky; sharp features, with the typically long and pointy Needle nose.
- Light blond hair (always neat, and is rumoured to be wind and even water resistant), pale skin, and grey eyes give him an almost monochromatic look.
- Very straight posture and moves with a precision that’s almost graceful.
- Basically, think of a needle made human

Attire: Sharp suits. It’s unknown if he even owns anything else.
Occupation: Town Mayor
Status: Engaged to Trisha Tapemeasure


Parents: Nathaniel Needle IV (father); Nell Needle (mother, deceased)
Siblings: None
Birthplace: Stitchtown/sTiTchTown

Early Childhood
Ned’s mother died of an illness when he was about three years old. His father was never the warmest of men (believing as he did that men should never be too emotional), and he grew even more distant after the loss of his wife. Ned grew up in a large house, surrounded by servants, tutors, expectations, and empty space.

Ned never believed in fairytales even as a child, because in fairytales love was always enough. Losing his mother taught him otherwise.

School Days
He was very sheltered from the outside world until he went to school, when he got his first taste of how the other half lives. It was a considerable shock for him to meet people whose silverware /didn’t actually contain real silver/. (He knew they existed, but he’d only heard or read about them, or seen them through carriage windows, before.) This was when he first made the acquaintance of several other characters, namely the Chalk twins, Sasha Sequin, and Pearl Button.

Most of his classmates kept a distance at first, perhaps sensing his uneasiness around them. Except for Pearl, who was convinced due his pallor and adult-like mannerisms that he was a vampire. (His paleness was in fact due to mild anaemia.) Ned spent the first few weeks of school having garlic cloves shoved in his face and Holy Water sprinkled on him from behind, much to his chagrin and his class’ amusement.

He was also the object of affection of Sasha; unfortunately for her, Ned was completely oblivious and believed that her staring was due to a combination of poor eyesight and an inability to afford spectacles.

Time passed, and school was left behind (although Sasha’s crush was not, nor was the odd but genuine friendship that had grown between Ned and Pearl). Ned had been a good student — being of an analytical mind was perhaps his one real strength — and he was easily able to land a position as an intern in the Town Hall. Or maybe it was the family name. He likes to believe it was his own abilities that got him the job, however.

He worked his way up, finally to the position of Mayor, at a young age. Perhaps too young, for despite his demeanour and intelligence, he really wasn’t very experienced in terms of real life.

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- Very controlled.
Not that he’s expressionless exactly, but he usually filters what comes out on his face and through his mouth. Usually only really loses his temper at Pearl, because she knows how to push his buttons, if you’ll pardon the pun.

- Stickler for rules and precision.
Has been known to set up the chairs in the assembly hall himself before meetings, just so they’re /right/. He must have been an awesome secretary.

- Dependable

- Emotionally closed.
Not surprising, given his upbringing and the lack of a nurturing figure. This certainly does not mean he is heartless. He’s capable of caring, and feeling a full range of emotions. He just doesn’t tend to express them—which is possibly linked to his need for physical order: a subconscious attempt to sort out his internal messes, by putting external things in order. On the rare occasions when he does let his feelings out, they tend to be expressed awkwardly and seldom the way he’d like.

- Hardworking

- Stubborn, when he sets his mind to something.
He may have been a wall in a previous life. Pearl’s fist would agree. Ned’s various limbs would counter that Pearl used to be a battering ram.

- Tries to do what’s best for everyone; consequently, sometimes pleases no one.
Not always though, because otherwise he wouldn’t still be Mayor, would he? He’s frequently conflicted about which direction to go in, although he doesn’t show it.

- Good analyst.
- Despite his not especially warm demeanour, seems to have the ability to make people trust him.
- Good negotiator and debater due to his self-control and analytical skills.
- Good proof-reader.
- Secretly boss with a needle and thread.
When he doesn’t have time for a trip to the tailor for adjustments, he does them himself. May have once sewed a dress for Bonnie that he claims to have bought.


To oversee and protect Stitchtown/sTiTchTown

Because, deep, deep down, Ned is a bit of a Mama’s boy. His mother wasn’t a native of the town, but she fell in love with it (and presumably his father. Unless it was a shotgun marriage on the heels of a night filled with one too many whiskey shots...). It’s one of the few things he remembers about her. As she gave her heart to the town, so he intends to spend his life looking after it. But good luck trying to get him to admit this.

How it’s expressed:
That stuffy guy in the Mayor’s Office, who sometimes works overnight, and prides himself on making decisions based on cool, impartial logic? Yeah, that’s him. Spending your life trying to fill a role you may not actually like or want to please the idealised mental image of your mother is totally logical. Totally.


Nathaniel Needle IV:
Ned’s relationship with his father is a complicated one. They know plenty /about/ each other, but they don’t truly know each other. Ned has always tried to live up to his father’s expectations, and these expectations often factor into decisions Ned makes even if he doesn’t necessarily agree with Nathaniel’s old-fashioned views—for instance, the elder Mr Needle believes that men should act like men, women like women, and never the twain shall meet; needless to say, he does not like Pearl. They still live in the same house but rarely interact. There is some bitterness on both ends, but still chance for reconciliation.

Nell Needle:
Long gone, but never forgotten. Ned never really knew his mother. All he has are a few memories of her taking him to see the Nevernotwuz tree, and the days before her death. Still she has a large if invisible presence in his life, and is the inspiration behind much of what he does, or tries to do. He visits her grave on the anniversary of her death. Pearl happened to see him there on one such occasion by chance, and has since made it a point to join him on that day every year. They never talk about it at other times, and he’s glad both for her silence and her presence.

Pearl Button:
Despite the past turbulence between them and the fact that they regularly have shouting matches in the town hall, Pearl is the closest thing Ned has to a best friend. Which doesn’t seem to say much for him, when his supposed best friend likes to try to chuck things at him in public.

They’re good foils for each other though and there is genuine understanding and affection behind the bickering. Pearl is one of the few people who’s not cowed by Ned’s stature—not just his social stature; he’s over a foot taller than her—and he has no problem telling her off when he thinks she’s being foolish. She’s also one of the exceedingly few Ned is comfortable being himself around, if not the only one.

Sasha Sequin:
Sasha has been the source of much confusion for Ned, since she first appeared in his life. He knows that by all accounts, he should like her. She’s what his father would consider the perfect woman: gorgeous, feminine, affable, pleasant-tempered. He doesn’t dislike her by any means, he just doesn’t have romantic feelings for her, and finds her almost too agreeable—he’s never sure if she agrees with something he says because she truly agrees, or if she’s trying to please him. Mostly he tries to avoid her, which is difficult when she makes it a point to come by his office. He’s told her subtly and not so subtly that he’s not interested, but she seems convinced she can change his mind.

Trisha Tapemeasure:
Trisha is Ned’s secretary, and his fiancée.

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