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My name is Janae. Maybe you might remember me. I was the little girl sometime ago who made the HitREC. Beanie/Hat and spoke to the TeaFaerie through E-Mails about it. I live in California with my 21 year old sister, Savannah. Another HitRECorder. Unfortunately, I have recently made a new account because I cannot get into my old one. Anyway, I spoke to Dan by phone a couple of times. Speaking about, you, and all the progress it is making. How I can be seen more because I love the website so much to my core. It saved me. Hearing the animation and color in the amazing man's voice was rare to find. My mother passed away in my sister's and my arms, not too long ago. Everybody says, "Everyone griefs differently" but when you are actually IN THE SHIT, you think about those words and say to yourself, "Who gives a fuck". At least, I have a few times. I am messaging you because I plan on meeting you with my sister, and collaborating with you at both the UCLA & USC events. We're definitely going to Hit RECord.


Created: Nov 06, 2010


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