Scary Place

By chrismendoza23

The winter seems to be getting colder I have began to loose feeling in my hands and feet. Sometimes I wonder if they are even mine, is it me controlling them, have I lost my body, maybe my mind. I am so tired I just want to sleep, but it comes at night I have to stay up. I don’t trust anyone hell I don’t trust myself. I think its close maybe outside my door maybe it’s in the room and I just haven’t realized it. He screams out “COME AND GET ME! TAKE ME NOW…NOW!” The only light is the candle flickering in the middle of the room. He should have died last night, he now wishes he would have, Mark bleed himself before it got to him he thought about the same and now it would be easy the numbness would more than dull the pain but he was tired and defeated. If it got him tonight would he know it, would he feel it? His stomach began to ach in pain he wondered if it had already gotten him is it possible or was it fear. He began to cry…then he froze not even a breath without any movement he starred into the corner. It had been here the entire time. Horror is the movement of a shadow…especially when you are still. The candle blows out and once again the camp had gone silent.

Deep down in the darkest corners of our souls we could never imagine the horror in which has taken place in this camp. How can you fight, hell how can you survive against something that can take any form at any time a shape shifter not even in our nightmares have we ever imagined something so terrifying. I would cry but I am afraid to make a sound I would pray but I am not sure what I believe in. We won’t escape, we can’t escape, death is our only savior but unless we take our own lives we will end up absorbed in its system.

Scary Place

Created: Jan 14, 2010


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