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okay so here's the idea:
I have been greatly interested in these rooftop gardens and oases that are LOADED with the ability to impact the polluted environment of NYC with their environmentally friendly atmospheres and sustainable resources. I'd like it to be a narrative, but I want it to have meaning like a documentary; i want people to get a reasonable amount of info on this topic of renewable/sustainable havens.

So basically in my head i've created this man who lives the stereotypical upper class glamourous life, but as always, there's something fundamentally missing from his life, he feel's that there is something more to be called to.
And one day he goes to his friend's house who has one of these gardens. His friend informs him of all the awesome benefits of this green living and how genuinely happy it's made him just to have this sort of thing.

It's rough but just an idea, still coming up with a more complicated/in depth plot, but then again that's what ya'll are here for. :) So if it's possible keep in mind what I'm looking for is more of an "indie" feel so people can come away with knowledge on the subject and not just entertainment :)

Created: Nov 05, 2010


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