"The Medics Prayer"

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It's a little early, but happy Veterans day to those who have served, or are currently seving the United States military..... Cheers

"The Medics Prayer"

I never got to meet him,
But I know his story well.
Through family, friends, and brothers in arms,
They told me how he fell.

He was an Army Medic,
At eighteen years of age.
He marched on to the battle field,
With his tools and weapon engaged.

When he saw a fellow soldier,
Laying helpless in the field.
He ran out to assist him,
Without desire to yield.

He pulled him out of battle,
And treated him with care.
When he saw another comrade ,
Hurt and in dispair.

He rushed back into get him,
And pulled him out of harms way.
He saved two lives in battle,
But lost his life that day.

So god please bless the Medic,
For he refuses to yield.
And to an injured comrade,
He's an angel, in the field

Created: Nov 05, 2010


Adam E Document Media