A Brief Reply

By ManWithHat

I’m not always a guy who gives money to things. I have a litany of excuses for getting out of giving. Sometimes, I'm even convinced that these excuses are true.

But here, I have drawn the line. I have donated to Doctors Without Borders so as to help alleviate the tragedy in Haiti. Because that's what it is: a tragedy. It is a tragedy because it is the fall of people who have but one hamartia: they were born mortal and susceptible to the earth's violent whims. Their hamartia is that they were born in a country already riddled with strife and poverty. Their tragic flaw is that the world is not perfect.

Even though I can scarcely afford medical services in my own country, I see a need that is greater than myself. Get beyond. Stay beyond.

A Brief Reply

Created: Jan 14, 2010


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