Morgan M. Morgansen's Zeppelin WIP

By Lawrie Brewster

Hey there everyone!

So im working on the new fx shots, and the one im working on foremost is a very ambitious opening fx shot.

The zeppelins (including the little graphic ones) will be replaced with these new Art Nouveau inspired zeps!

These will feature in an opening shot twiddling past the camera (think of a benovelant star destroyer passing the cam shot) while we descend down some clouds, passing zep reveals morgan city in a very wide shot, while below little paddle steamers trot over water, and search lights go deep into sky! All very well!

It starts with 3d models. Im working fast to get this done, so its a bit rushed!

There are 3 zeppelins (minor 3d differences) and different artwork - featuring artwork inspired by our Morgan ladies.

We have an HMS METAPHOREST, HMS LULA and an HMS MARIA! The zeppelins will be covered in a mixture of new and old ads, some painting over former resplendent royal decals and details.

Anyone interested can read more Morgan discussion at the Morgan film thread here! X

PS - When there drawn ill throw together 3 Wish u were here Morgan M Morgansen - Sundance holiday postcards featuring each zeppelin!

Morgan M. Morgansen's Zeppelin WIP

Created: Jan 14, 2010


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