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Between Sandra Stier and Olson

O: Tell us about the awkwardness and embarassment of having to explain yourself.

S: At school, I have to explain who I am to people: I’m picking up my domestic partner’s son, I’m his stepmother. She’s my wife, but I can’t really say that. Even for those who know what it means, it’s still not what we are. We aren’t BUSINESS partners, we aren’t girlfriends, we aren’t glorified roommates. The relationship is that we are SPOUSES — except we can’t marry.

O; Forms to fill out?

O: Would marriage provide a sense of stability?

S: It would afford me inclusion in the social fabric of the society we live in. OUr family could feel pride, our chiuldren could be proud.

O: When the campaign occurred, when SCOCA said you had the right to marry, and then voters took that away, were you exposed to the election campiagn in your daily life?

S: Yes, I saw bumper stickers, posters, yard signs, people talking about it, I went to a rally for NO on 8.

O: Was it disturbing to you? HOw?

S> Yes, the campaign focused on children needing protection from our marriage. That felt manipulative and harmful to our family and our children and our community. it was as if there was great evil that needed to be stopped — and that evil was, I guess, US? As a mom with four children, there is no higher calling thanb my need toprotect my children

O: Would your boys be better off with a man in the house/

S: The best thing for children is to have loving parents, who love each other and them. Kris and I love each other, we love our children — there’s nothing more that I can say about that.

O: HOw about being a plaintiff in this case?

S: I simply want the rights I’ve already been told I have in California.

O: How would this case change your life?

Walker crosstalk

S: I would feel more secure, I would feel I didn;’t have to worry about my kids feeling shame or not belonging, that I had protected them from harm. The first time I could say to someone thsat I’m married — WOW. I want to build a better world for our kids, and I want their kids’ lives to be better. I think about their children, that I would have grandchildren — that there lives would be better because they can grow up in a better world. I want those kids to have an option to grow up who they are and honor it. Kris and I are big strong women, we’ll be fine. But this case canmake a better world.

Nothing further, no cross. Next witness?

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Created: Jan 14, 2010


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