Trees and Sky

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The tangled branch that is the relationship between the sky and the trees begins in vibrancy. Trees dress themselves in fresh emerald ensembles. While the sky responds with a flurry of sapphire and starlight. Soon the two are tangoing about, each swaying with the beat of the wind. In no time at all the two nested hand in hand with nothing but the warm caressing air and dull chirps of insects between them.

Their dance soon slows down into a dull twirl, floating about aimlessly. The trees open their arms welcoming to the sky. Branches bent sky bound looking for the return of affection they had given out. The sky hears the trees message of admiration and begins to grow cold and gray. This dreary atmosphere no longer feels the passion they once did when dressed in their beaming indigo best. The trees breezes “we love you, we love you, we love you,” and the sky must finally admit, “I don’t, I don’t, I don’t”.

Created: Nov 03, 2010


Attilee Document Media