I was evil

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I would fight but I gave up so very long ago.
Back when I was sweet but not innocent,
For I was broken long ago.
Yes I was evil as a child,
My smile feigned as I thought of death and ways to die.
I was the devil in a clever disguise with big blue eyes
Yes I was evil as a child,
For darkness took hold of me,
Yes it swallowed me whole.
Yes I was evil as a child,
I played with boys and stole their hearts,
I stoked the fire deep within just to let it die again.
Yes you made me evil as a child,
You took my love and let it die
You took my innocence with a sweet lie
You took my life and I begged to die
You took the light and let me cry
Yes you,
the one who disappeared one night in the dark
the one who stole my love, my light
Yes I was evil as a child.

Created: Nov 02, 2010


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