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I'm issuing a challenge.

Given that whatever building you currently reside in, work in, play in, create in, love in, bore yourself in, count your miseries in could be leveled at the volition of a handful thousands of miles away.

Given that your pursuit of simple pleasures could be rewarded by a devastating and crippling disease that has stolen your friends, lovers, family and an entire community of people on the other side of this world.

Given that by grace of your family, day-to-day living habits, the air you breathe or a hiccup in your DNA your life could end suddenly or slowly in a most painful and unstoppable way.

Given that the oceans could rise around you, the sky could fall on top of you or the earth could open around you and swallow you up at any moment without notice, hesitation or consideration.

Given that all these things are true, I challenge you to step outside and find the sun whether the sun is in the sky, in the faces of the people you see or within your own heart. Given that all these things are true, I challenge you to see how small you are and how these facts become a freedom in that they show you how powerless you are over the basest of life. Given that these things are true, I challenge you to not see anything as owning you and to see that you cannot own anything. All this existence is but a moment, and everything is borrowed.

If you can see these things to be true, I challenge you to give what you can to the aid in Haiti. Be it a status update asking for aid from others, raising awareness between your friends or in the form of dollars if you can spare them. And then, in 30 days maybe you can do the same for who needs it then. And again 30 days after. Everything you have, every moment, every breath, every beat is on loan. You have the freedom to give it to whomever you want.

I challenge you.

Created: Jan 14, 2010


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