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I recognize On currents not of your blowing On seas not of your churning Your shadow gone The light he cast removed His gorgeous Dr. Seuss narration silenced Your dancing brother This thrower and setter of lives afire Your Superhero who burned briefly in human form Never before possible, at once Your heart finds itself both stopped and pounding Your fright it comes at shotgun speed You want to pull him from the wreckage of the endless loop But he is missing from the ruined scene There are hands all trusted and Painty to hold you up Through these endless days of your longest night But the light is missing beneath all your doors And museum moves in uninvited to house his memory Why have the clouds gone and fucked with the indigo sky They have stolen the boyish corners from your eyes They have stolen the smile that set your face to creasing They have stolen the sweet noise that filled your quiet life These are the days of “good sky for falling” And as you carry on and fall him free We will continue to sing him free Paint him free Write him free To create and RECord him free

Created: Nov 01, 2010

Tags: death, brother, brothers, joe, fire, family, loss, burning dan, siblings, dancing

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