Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

By BilderMoss

*His birthday is March 2nd. Since this site seems to have a lot of good artists and animators, I thought it would be a good occasion to make a video for.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss,
Let me please take this excuse,
To thank you, thank you lots!
For all the rhymes that you produced.

All the doodles that you doodled,
And the creatures (maybe most of all),
And the funny little way
You made us little folks feel tall.

I know that somewhere, someplace,
You’re fussing up your shirt;
Jumping, spitting, building forts
And playing in the dirt.

But however far you are,
Even if it’s a bajillion miles,
I hope you get my message,
And I hope it makes you smile.

I won’t forget the Sneetches,
Or the Lorax, or the Snoo;
But mostly, Dr. Suess,
I’ll never forget you.

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Created: Jan 13, 2010


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