Some kinda love

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My picture of you,
shielded by glass,
Reflects the world
it guards against,

Becomes a mirror
I look through
To lose myself
in my own you.


Sing-songy co-dependency up for grabs!

A pet-peeve of mine has always been when someone claims they love you, but clearly what they love is the projection of themselves they've mistaken for you. I think this is the flipside of that, maybe me imagining what a girl who buys that kind of crap might think of her guy. So it's meant to be sing-songy and co-dependent.

It's just different enough from my normal writing that I thought I'd see if anyone here wants to do anything with it, maybe illustrate it or something. Feel free to change it, add to it, etc.

I'm adding it to the body image collab, too, because this sort of co-dependency can be common with the insecurity of feeling like you're not beautiful enough to be loved for who you actually are.

Created: Oct 31, 2010


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