The Apprenticeship of young Wirrow

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The Wirrow character I introduced is the future version of Yarny - also an outsider (but nobody is really an outsider - we are all connected to each other). The next generation. At 9 years old he is only beginning to get a sense of himself in this role, and Yar Stevns is also noticing. I see an apprenticeship coming.

How do these outsiders get into Nevernotwuz? where do they come from? I stil have these questions. Mother Button has a lot of orphans, but what is their back story? There doesn't seem to be any major reasons for death from unnatural causes?

I'm still not sure whether or not Wirrow approves the use of his name in our tale - I'm not trying to make him into a celebrity here - I only see this character that he has created and that we will modify a little as being VERY valid to the story we are telling in Saving Stitchtown!

Created: Oct 30, 2010


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