Letter No.1

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Dear HITRECORD(ers)...

I write to you today to officially thank you for being here with me. I feel we are this big family collaborating all the time. My wish is someday i can attend a hitrecord event and you'd all know me even though we'd be wearing name tags, and i'll be IslandProphet. I feel i have no particular talent while most of you are artistic geniuses but whatever little we can give, should be something to somebody.

Of course we owe it all to Joe. He created the site. I'm sorry he's not around now but he will be back. He needs some time off. I shall create a ticket just to invite him to the island to set his mind at ease. Things take time and once you see all the love you've got from the people inside this site you will feel we are all with you.

I am grateful for all the mini interviews everyone recorded this past week. I've got to know you just a little bit more and i haven't hesitated to comment or heart anyone's. Mind you, i drove you nuts with my comments i bet. But i would like to know you more. Just on the top of my mind, we should have brought the forum back or maybe skype each other. Actually i think some of you tried making pen pals which was a great idea indeed. What do you think?

The most amazing moment yet was seeing the Zepellin zoo. I think there should be a third record hanging around here sometime soon. Hopefully you will be reading this and sharing your views and comments. Would love to hear them.

yours truly,

Created: Oct 29, 2010


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