The Maelstrom Book, Page Four

By casvellon

Tomorrow a man will call for you. He won't recognize your voice, so for your sake I suggest you don't introduce yourself.

He'll have a slight accent, as he's only recently left Minsk, but kindly ignore it for the time being. It is imperative you do not mention Belarus or any neighboring states - doing so will only agitate the Binder and bring unneeded hostility to the situation.

Once you have determined his name (Nevsky, or something similar), mention the Grove Street Print Shop in passing. Do not linger so as to make your inference obvious. He will respond with the following sentence:

"I sampled their ink in my youth, and my words are all but faded."

The Maelstrom Book, Page Four

Created: Jan 13, 2010

Tags: cursed book

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