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I love the picture that started all this and am enjoying reading the creative story ideas that came out of it~ <3
Here are more suggestions for residents?

ETA: Added approximate ages that I pictured the Button children at when writing them - to be edited considering in relation to the rest of the family if these characters are used; also suggesting another profile for Stud.

Ruby Button (~15-17) - a vivacious girl with a fiery hot temper. She has a sharp tongue, a way with words and can make one feel dreadfully small or tilt grey towards black/white whichever she desires, when she is angry. (Don't anger her.) But perhaps, a good thing about Ruby is that she doesn't bear grudges, and is one who will apologise directly and sincerely if she finds herself in the wrong upon reflection after her initial rage.

Jade Button (~16-17) - second eldest boy among the Button children, he looks quite the dainty flower, with delicate features that seem almost feminine. His complexion is fair, or "pale" might be a more apt description - for so often sick is he that he seems to be almost always a little green. Charlotte tutors him separately from the other children - what he's currently learning is similar to what Charlotte's teaching his younger siblings at school (since Jade, though not stupid, is no genius) and he enjoys discussing school with them. He is usually amiable and easy-going, though he gets rather gloomy and restless, occasionally snappish when he has been confined to bed for prolonged periods.

On a random, useless note, Jade has a very good throwing aim with light objects - which may be a result of years of tossing used tissues into the bin without ever stepping out from his bed. Well, this did come in useful on one occasion when he helped to get Theodore Thimble's hat out of a tree by casting stones at it. Thimble has been unbelievably nice only when talking to Jade since then; that hat must mean a lot to him! (If there are firearms in this universe, Jade can be good with a gun too, though he'd hate the recoil from firing one.)

Rec Button (~10-11) - somewhere in the middle in the line of Buttons, Rec - with his rosy cheeks and penchant for dressing in a bright red - is well-loved by family, schoolmates and townfolk alike. Brilliant and creative, he is sometimes lost dreaming in his own world of scattered thoughts.

Opal Button (~8-10) - youngest daughter, she loves dancing in the sun and sitting on the swing under the Tree of Hearts.

Stud Button - (~18-20)
ETA - alternative profile for Stud:
A young man who has captured many a sweet young heart through his considerable charm and incredible talent with the chigwinkle. (Rumour has it that he plays enchanting duets with the troll??) He gets around, isn't an unkind person, just someone who's bored guy and values freedom. Old Mother Button can't control him, nor can his older siblings, except maybe Pearl who he's secretly awed by.

above intended to replace original suggestion :
eldest Button boy, second in line after Pearl and rather muscular for his short height. He is somewhat obsessive compulsive with his daily routine, which includes training his body. As long as it doesn't interfere with his routine, he will happily lend assistance to those needing his strength with a wide grin.

Patrick Pin - he is the town doctor who treats his patients kindly but also bores them with stories of his amazing self. Jade can probably tell you all his stories. Yes, Patrick has a rather big head and truly believes that he knows more and better. He can be seen arguing haughtily with Ned on occasion.

Created: Oct 28, 2010


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