Seeking Bloods: REmix (Low-Res)

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The high-res version (for REmixing purposes) can be downloaded here:

This was a big collaborative effort that took almost five months to completely come together. wirrow wrote the Tiny Story "seeking bloods" in early June and I shot the vampire footage with my friend Dan Chandler a few weeks later. But the footage needed some key animation to move forward.

This past week the project was resurrected by hitRECorder Marielv, whose wonderful bat animation and titling added just what the video needed to move to the next phase; the next phase being narration.

The voice over contributions were fantastic as always. After playing around with a few options, I decided to use pamagotchi's reading. I REmixed a few takes together and found she captured the campy b-movie vibe I ended up going with on the production.

Thanks again to everyone who was involved in this one. It was really a fun experience to have all of these components come together in order to REmix wirrow's mysterious Tiny Story. I had a blast!

Additional sound effects are from

Created: Oct 28, 2010


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