notes on Charlotte Chalk

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i posted this as a comment but because it contains a bit of character development not contained in any other piece, i thought i should make it a RECord.

on 'Charlotte Chalk" sb324's lovely portrait of her she commented:

I was too lazy to color in the clothes, so the background shows through (Im not too techy savvy), but maybe it can be used???

and i responded:

i like this! i think the fact that you were 'too lazy to color in the clothes' as you put it, serves to emphasize that tendency for Charlotte to be a bit of a wall flower.

she is smart and bright (she is a school teacher) but she is lacking self confidence. in spite of her tendency to dress so that she will blend in, her hair, on the other hand is downright unruly! multi-colored and wavy, and seeming to have a mind of it's own (she tries at times, to keep it tied up in a bun, but it always manages to untie itself somehow), it is as if the very hairs on her head do not approve of Charlotte's desire to go unnoticed.

Created: Oct 27, 2010


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