Dream: Burnt out war

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Two sides at war over a broken land. The land used to be large bustling cities but over the course of the war the cities had turned to rubble. The few buildings still standing, burnt out husks dotting the landscape, were strongholds for the opposing sides.

My side had our base way on a high floor of one such building. Far in the distance the enemy held out just as us.

I had a spy glass, shaped rather like a shoe horn and made of some sort of crystal. When you looked through it could cross hundreds of miles and come out clear. There was something special about it, however, because only I could use it. This was a wonder and a danger.

"How do we know she's telling the truth about what she sees?" some would ask.

Trust is hard after so many years of war.

In the enemy stronghold I could see our foe and something was happening. They were changing, becoming something not human. Their appearance was the same but I could tell something was happening to them, something which meant danger. And every time I looked, focuses on one person, they would suddenly turn and stare back. They could see me watching them...

Created: Oct 27, 2010


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