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There have been a few RECords made and chat on Twitter and in Tiny Chat about our NYC meet-up on Thursday (ooh just typing that made me excited:) so I wanted to try and gather all the ideas in one place (with my comments. please feel free to disagree or agree with me... these are just my thoughts, I'd love to hear yours:) Please comment with additional ideas and comments in the conversation about this and I'll update accordingly. Also, I don't know if time will allow for all of this:) But let's try to do as much as possible. I know some people are meeting up earlier on Thursday... maybe some RECords could be done then?

* Cchellez got the ball rolling with this RECord... check it out.

* Meet on 10/28 at 8:00 at the Town Hall Theatre, in formal clothes with RECording devices. I think this should stay the same since it's kinda been established.

* Ideas for RECords to be made:
- RealityBlonde came up with a bunch of good ideas... here are summaries but see this RECord for details
- Christmas carols LIVE! (love it:)
- A warm-fuzzy RECord for Joe (love it:)
- Victory Ice Cream (love it... it honors dAN and we all deserve it for still
coming together)
- Sparra suggested doing some sort of horror short. Perfect
- Todd68976 suggested trying to recreate alpal's dream Might be tough, but we could give it a go
- I would like to add....
- a live rendition of Burn On. Not sure how or where but I think it would be amazing. Sparra suggested adding candles somehow. Great idea

Ideas for activities:
- filmpunk suggested a scavenger hunt. I love scavenger hunts so I think this is a great idea. My only thought on this is I would like to get to hang out with everyone so maybe we make this shorter than the originally suggested 2 hours.
- it was suggested in the hitRECord Tiny Chat that we go to Dave & Busters. I think this is a fab idea... Dave & Busters is tons of fun, it would be hilarious to be playing games all dressed up AND people under 21 can get in but those of us over 21 can drink.
- This is my idea: Karaoke. Plus dancing. This seems like it may be a late night activity:)

The rest of the weekend:
- cchellez has suggested gathering in Central Park on Friday afternoon to make some RECords. I think this is a splendid idea.
- Todd68976 has a script for a hitRECord PSA to be filmed in Central Park... this would be great
- Major Tom & Cchellez have been discussing doing something on the theme of family
- Some of us will be going out for Halloween on Saturday night (in costume, of couse). Let us know if you'd like to join us and/or have suggestions for places to go.

Created: Oct 27, 2010


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