Dan went to my dream..

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I never met dan,but last night I dreamed about him. It felt weird,it felt real. It was like he was alive but I don't what this means because I never dreamed about someone I never met.

In my dream,I saw him sitting down and cutting up fruits. I walked toward him.He looked at me and said,"Alesia,do you like fruits?" I nod my head. I remember looking at him and I ask,"Sorry,I don't mean to look at you like I'm a weirdo but are you-

"Dead?" He said.I didn't say anything.

He laughed."No,I'm not actually. I'm just taking a long vacation."

I don't know what happened after that but my dreamed jumped into another scene were I was watching Dan singing a lullaby to Joe.

Weird isn't it?

Created: Oct 26, 2010


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