Marked... my story...your's?

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everyone is marked in some way whether it's a scar from a childhood accident or a tattoo or piecing done by choice. these markings are signs signifying events, memories or time in our lives that have internally shaped and contoured the person we are becoming.

ever since i was little i always wanted a tattoo, which is an odd thing having grown up in the 80's in a conservative christian family, i'm not sure how my enchantment with body art began but it did. maybe it was an obsession with make up and art that seduced my heart into a love of art on the skin. by jr high school i was constantly wearing an ever fading piece of pen art on my ankle or wrist. then it came the chance to get the real tattoo i had longing to have for years.

i was seventeen and in scotland to preform in the edinburgh fringe festival. many of my friends had already gotten tattoos and piercings during the four days we have just spent in london before journeying up north. many of them had also gone to very dodgy shops to get said body art an action i knew i didn't want to repete. so my little sister and i asked the kind and heavily tatted bartender at the "trainspotting" bar (yes it was the late nineties) where the best and safest tattoo shop in edinburg was.

in fact it was not actually in edinburg but in a neighbouring town called dalkeith, a twenty minute bus ride out of the city. well informed my sister and i made appointment for the next day. she was going to get a stirling rose (thornless lavender rose, which she later added thorns to after her longtime lover broke her heart into so many pieces but that is for another story) and i was getting a dove with an olive branch to mark my faith and to *hopefully* keep our father from killing me for getting the forbidden tattoo, my sister has less fear of my dad mainly because she is adopted and has other parents to worry about as well. so we trudged along paid our thirty quid and got inked that day. it was a beautiful time of sharing and sisterhood.

my second tattoo, the icon for this story i got on my twenty sixth birthday as a symbol of freedom from a long and messy relationship and to remind me of the strength i possess as a woman, the beauty of women who have gone before me, the threefold nature of womanhood and the godhead in christian theology.

what's your story of being marked? it can be tattoo, piercing, scar, or the effect of life on your internal being.

Created: Oct 26, 2010


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