Jamie, a short film script

By lukecurtis53

This was a short film that some friends and I had worked on a few years back. It's succinct and to the point and could probably use some revision. But it basically deals with perception and pre-conceived notions and... well... I guess you'll just have to take a look:

by Luke Tatge


[Open on a bustling coffee shop. Folksy music playing background. The sound of espresso machines brewing and steaming fills the room. MAN and WOMAN enter from the front door, hand in hand. They approach the service counter.]

What can I get you?

[The couple glances at each other, a definite familiarity between the two of them, like they’d been together for quite some time.]

Small white chocolate mocha.

[a grin creeping onto her face]
You’re ridiculously predictable.

[MAN shrugs and rolls eyes subtlely.]

[sweeping in to rescue herself]
A trait that I greatly appreciate.

[The conversation pauses as MAN playfully nudges WOMAN.]

[looking back toward BARISTA]
I’ll have the same actually.

[MAN scoffs melodramatically.]

[gesturing emphatically with his arms, sarcastically]
I see, and you’re just a paragon of originality, apparently?

[WOMAN gives MAN an out-of view kick to the shin as BARISTA smiles slightly.]

[smiling at the undeniable adorableness of the couple]
Will that be all for you guys?

[Both MAN and WOMAN nod.]

[Scene fades to the couple, seated at a table in the coffee shop.]

[leaning in close to a seated WOMAN]
So I was thinking maybe we could take a little trip this weekend. You know, head into the city, see a show…

[grinning widely as she reaches for MAN’s hand]
Yeah… yeah, I like that idea.

Well, I’ll call up our regular hotel then.

[Conversation pauses as the two take sips from their drinks in front of them.]

So I heard a really great joke at work today.

[straightening up in his seat]
Yeah? Shoot.

Okay, so there’s this cocktail waitress, and she’s decided to undergo shock therapy to keep—

Yep, I’ve definitely heard this one before.

Nooo! I thought I was going to completely wow you.

Well, nice try, but I happen to work in finance, and you would be hard-pressed to find a wittier, more comically artistic bunch of people out there.

[with sarcasm]
Ah, yes. How could I forget?

[WOMAN checks her watch.]

Well, we’ve only got about 40 minutes left. We should probably go back to your place.

[MAN nods.]

[Scene fades to a somewhat messy apartment. The majority of the clothes that MAN and WOMAN were wearing earlier are strewn about the room. WOMAN is in the kitchen area at the sink, wearing MAN’s shirt and some shorts, and MAN is sitting on the couch, wearing an undershirt and boxers.]

[WOMAN takes a glass from the cupboard and begins to fill it at the sink.]

We can’t keep this up, you know.

[MAN shifts uneasily and reaches for the remote control, flipping on the television.]

[looking at MAN from the kitchen]
Did you hear me?

[MAN nods.]

[A cell phone begins to ring, as MAN rifles through a pair of pants on the floor to retrieve it. He uncomfortably makes eye contact with WOMAN as he flips open the phone.]

Hey baby.


Yeah, 5:30, like we talked about. I’ll be done with work in time.

[Pause. Scene cuts to WOMAN, who is staring on, the slightest bit of anger on her face.]

I can’t wait either. I’ll see you when you get home.

[Slight pause.]

Okay, bye. I love you too.

[MAN closes the phone and looks to WOMAN, waiting for an execution.]

This can’t go on.

[MAN stares blankly.]

Jamie is my best friend. And finding out about this is going to hurt. This isn’t right anymore.

[suddenly interrupting]
I know! I know it isn’t! But I don’t see another option at this point. I can’t go through with it. I can’t tell on us.

[anger rising slightly]
Well then grow a pair, and do it soon, because I’m not going to wait around forever. If you love me, then you’ll love me alone. And Jamie has to be out of the picture.

I know.


[Scene cuts to the apartment’s parking lot. WOMAN exits the building and walks toward a car parked near the entrance to the building. She unlocks it and climbs in, unknowingly dropping a penny on the ground before reversing and driving away.]

[A close-up shot of the penny on the ground.]

[A few seconds later, a man’s hand enters the shot, picking up the penny. The shot expands to show the face of the man, who smiles slightly at his luck. He approaches the entrance to the apartment building as NEIGHBOR exits and crosses his path, with mail in hand.]

[glancing at the man and smiling]
Hey Jamie.

Jamie, a short film script

Created: Jan 13, 2010


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