Conducting that chorus in the sky.

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I look down through the endless universe. I can see you there, and I want to reach out to you...

But I can't.

And as suddenly as I thought it, I am here. Standing beside you.

But you can't see me.

I want to tell you not to cry, not to be upset, because I am fine; I am in the best place I can be.

But you can't hear me.

So, I will make this vow to you my dearest brother, I will always be with you, your own guardian angel.
I will do everything I can to keep you safe, just like I always did.
I will inspire you to be as creative as ever, just like I always have.

And this I will do because it is the one way I can be with you. So please, please, don't cry.

Because I am always with you, in fact,

I never even left.

Created: Oct 26, 2010


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