An Organic, Morganic Process - for the New Deal collab

By Metaphorest

I may at some point add audio/video to this - if I get brave :) For now - some words to describe the Morgan M. journey of amazingness:

Morgan M. Morgansen was borne out of Albert’s Bring Your Own Words collaboration. I have always ‘brought my own words’, partly through never remembering the right ones, partly through an inherent playfulness when it came to the English language, and the collab idea reminded me of this aspect of myself. I wondered whether it was something I could do.

I started writing Morgan Part 1 without much of a plan, but somehow he emerged, on a dreary Tuesday in the office where I ‘work’. And not for many years have I felt such joy in writing. I write scripts quite often but I hadn’t written a short story since I was a teenager, thinking I was unable, but this seemed to just fall out of me, effortless, an absolute pleasure to write. I wanted to reveal the hidden truth behind words, to make an accessible and surprisingly understandable piece of writing using almost entirely non-existing words. In this way, the reader could revel in their unravelling of meaning. But I didn’t want to rely totally on the oddness of the words to carry the story – I also wanted to make sure that I created characters the reader would care about and a story that was emotive, relatable and satisfying. I wanted to put smiles on faces. I hope I have.

So, I wrote and RECorded two tales concerning Morgan M. Morgansen and he sat happily in the archives for some months. I was entirely pleased with the responses; the story put Joe in mind of a real life John Lennon RECord, and this alone was totally mindblowing. But then, Joe’s call went out; he was looking for writing, and mushr, the ever lovely and encouraging mushr , said she would love to hear a reading of Morgan Part 2. Joe obliged and the response was just incredible; drawings by Jenyffer, animations by Tori, ladies I am just in awe of. And from there the deluge began, well over a hundred RECords (which goodgirl indie kindly managed) in total of all shapes and sizes, all kinds of different viewpoints, styles and readings, music by KamPAIGN, Madrond and others. I am not ashamed to say I became an obsessive follower of the Morgan story, finding solace in the way he and his world seemed to have inspired and touched people. Let’s just say it’s lucky my boss couldn’t see my screen when all this was unfolding. :) Animations cropped up, a live action version, and then, the amazing monochromatic spine created by Joe and Lula, an utterly delightful and hilarious interpretation of the words.

After this, things became even more surreal. I introduced Lawrie Brewster to the site. He thought he could add something visually, but I don’t think anyone realised just how much he could add. Using the numerous, incredible contributions, he began to build a lush decoupage of a dreamlike edit. His screenshot teasers were truly beautiful, and the ultimate first draft edit did not disappoint. I watched it about 5 times in a row the second it was finished, finding new gorgeous detail every time. This film was so much more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.

And today the video became the most viewed RECord ever. I can’t describe just how happy this whole organic, Morganic process has made me. It has had a profound effect on my life; my motivation, my confidence and given me huge hope for a future of creativity and expression where I assumed such a future was, at best, unlikely.

This site is a true gem; and a solid, tangible example of the great, mostly untapped potential of the internet. I have sat here in Dublin, Ireland, in my little flat and watched worlds evolve based on the ideas in my head, seen huge talent mobilised and recorded, remixed and refined into something truly inspiring. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life and I honestly don’t know how I can ever thank you all, especially Joe, for the privilege of being a part of this.

I just can't wait to see what's next.

Earnestly, truly, by heart:



An Organic, Morganic Process - for the New Deal collab

Created: Jan 13, 2010

Tags: Morgan M. Morgansen

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