dear joe

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i posted a poem recently called bell, that was the poem i put in the temple at burning man this year. my first year. in the past 4 years. 6 significant people in my life have passed away. alot of which were very close family. dan was one of them. i have known him for the last two years. and he is prrolly one of the most wonderful human beings i know. instead of going to his funeral on the 7th i decided to perform for him. and soon i will post parts of it up here. i was suicidal and a cutter when i met him. and he inspired me to stop. it still took a while but i did. its been almost a year since i last lacerated my skin.

i know these have been the worst two weeks of your life. and i truely do understand. but i also know you have his never ending forgivness and serenity that let him move forward. you can too. i am still in the processing of harnessing what he inspired me to do. and i know he inspired you too. i love you and love that i have been able to spin to you playing at flwo temple partys and been able to share my inspirations from him with you in person. remember to breathe and not mourn that he is gone. celebrate that he was here.

Created: Oct 25, 2010


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