Seize the Seas!

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Fun with homophones! (Which is apparently the term for words that sound the same but mean different things)

oh how dreary to be sane
and boat along the dreamy Seine
take time to truly, duly seize
the streams, the rivers and the seas

don’t waive the waves, but freely damn
the lock, the reservoir and dam
the levee’s levy soon is told
the bridges too are duly tolled

although the pebbled bed is coarse
under your feet, the river’s course
allows a soul to freely cruise
uncurbed by man, unmanned by crews

a liquid path beneath your feet
to trust the current is a feat
so brave, it only fits the few
so worth it for that final ‘phew’.

then drift awhile under the sun
and be the river’s smiling son
who floats with leaves and fish and reads
the clouds, the stars, the trees, the reeds

the solitary sounds you hear
are here and now, are now and here
no more a need to fearsome peer
over the bridge, the bow, the pier

for life there is no need to wait
or stall under that dreadful weight
dive in or you will never know
the price you’ve paid for saying no

Created: Oct 25, 2010


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