The moment I got into Art

By Andrea Marie

Oh yah, the fast food restaraunt..
I was about 4 or 5 years old and accompanied with my chicken nuggets,
was not your usual toy...
But instead, watercolor paints...
To this day I can remember the smell of the paint vividly..
Of course as A child we all grow up with crayons and fingerpaints but it was this chintzy set of watercolors that did it..
It may have been the surprise of a toy I could make use of,
Or, the fascination of swirly colors and water dripping down the page with seemingly a mind of its own..
To this day I believe that is where it all started and of course watercolors are still my favorite medium... : )

Thank you, Matt for that picture, I certainly hadn't thought about that memory in quite some time..

The moment I got into Art

Created: Jan 12, 2010


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