the newearth-pod

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he watched the video. repeatedly.
the world is much larger and stranger than you have been led to believe.
there are extraordinary things in your everyday lives.

all he had was himself.

what is this world and its taxed livestock?
and what are they missing?
what is freedom and power?

all he had was himself and the light.
the light that was unattainable.
like these ideas transmitted through visual waves.
he went from one to the other. one to the other.

one day, the illumination in his life died.
was lost to him as this concept that there existed beings
that experience stomach flutterings and kisses.
that experience bliss.

now, numbed, he constantly watches the video about a new earth.

little does he know he's on it.

it was wrong, it was all wrong.

Created: Oct 23, 2010


catness Document Media