Marie Fleur

By mariefleur

JGL- this production company of yours sounds like a fantastic idea. I'm pretty internet savvy but this website is a little confusing for me but I haven't investigated much. I uploaded this photo to be my avatar but I guess people may re-work it? no idea. How do I change my avatar???

Mainly I'm a jazz/blues vocalist and I specialize in the old style here in Los Angeles. I've also studied acting and comedy with the Groundings blah blah blah- My goal in life was always to be in movie musicals that don't exist anymore- musicals like "King of Jazz." When I was a kid I wanted to be Ruby Keeler really bad so that's where I'm coming from. I'd love it if some people re-mixed some of the tunes I've recorded or used them in a film. I know all the best guys in Los Angeles and across the globe for recording this type of old time jazz but my passion was to always use it as a jumping off point for something else not to simply re-create it as it was.

I don't know what my obsession with the past is all about. Since I was born it's been all about computers and I love computers but a connection to the past reclaims a sort of humanness that you can't get any other way. It's a fascination with the possibility of time travel and quantum physics. Perhaps it goes back to being a terrified child because my older brothers forced me to watch, "The Shining" over and over again. I don't know but it's what I'm programmed for; all Louise Brooks and ether frolics for me. Maybe it's too geeky but I don't care!

Marie Fleur

Created: Jan 12, 2010


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