Illuminate and Unite!

By Major Thom

Can you sit there to be spoon fed TV dinners?
Are you so vain as to be distracted from the heartbeat of existence?

For most of us music is the only magic left,
Would you allow that magic to be silenced too?

Will you allow yourself to be dimmed, lackadaisically drunk on lies...

Lies laced with old truths,
Thrown like scraps from the master's table.

You can either get thrashed by the current or you can ride the wave,
You always have to answer to yourself,

Yet to fight them is to breath oxygen on their fire,
To play the game is to affirm the validity of it,

If each one of us decided simultaneously to forget them now,
Their power would cease to exist,

But we only truly have political power over the delegates erecting the moral boundaries of our own personal consciousness,
We each conduct the unique and malleable symphonies of our own perspective in this story,

So, I say illuminate!

Cast away the illusory garments of judgment, expectation, and circumstance,
You are naked and the simple truth of life gives texture to your every breath,

When passion commands your direction there is no choice,
Your steps ring true, are you, and you are ebullient!

You are ready to face the shape of tomorrow,
Ever-Ready for change inside and out,

And if the celestial staircase spirals up to continuously ascend forever into the ever-expanding realm of possibility,
Then we must take that next step, and the next one, and the one after that...

Boldly we must face the horizon with a twinkle in our eye,
With the reverence of steadfast self beautification,

Perfect in the moment,
Perfect because our rutter is guided by the heartbeat of the universe,

There is civil war on the spaceship earth,
We must hold ourselves responsible,

Let us unite for the common purpose of love for life!

Some would give the power of prophecy to our destruction,
But prophecies have a way of fulfilling themselves,

I prophesize we will forgive ourselves and show all who are watching that it will be a long time before they see the limit of the beauty that the human race can create...
I prophesize we live to have many adventures through the wonderland of time an space,

Who's with me?

Illuminate and Unite!

Created: Jan 11, 2010


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