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A note on language, hitRECord

By Maverick_Ives

It's a little disconcerting, like I came home and mom remodeled the entire house in the latest trends. She threw out my rock posters and moved some of my stuff, locked my drawers so I had to look for the keys, and the view just isn't the same. It's different and the same, at the same time. But for me, the real issue is language.

I really liked the inclusive language of collaboration. "Project" is so business, so day-job, so everybody else, and SO what I'm avoiding when I come here. REquest, which was "on brand" for hitRECord, was much friendlier than "challenge," the language of competition more than collaboration. This feels more like a job, just from those two wording changes. I feel less connected to community because you significantly shifted the brand under my feet. It's not just because it's new and I'm not used to it. I have worked two decades with organizational systems. Language and names really shape the culture, and this new language denotes a new culture from the top on down. It feels less democratic.

I came here to collaborate with community by honoring requests, and now I find myself challenged on projects. Wording will shift the community's culture over time, and I'm not sure where I'll fit.

And maybe that is the intention, to shift the community to a more project-oriented mindset, to self-select for those who want a challenge. Who am I to say? I can only share my own response.

Thanks for listening.

A note on language, hitRECord

Created: Jan 16, 2016

Tags: v6 launch, request, language, challenge, collaboration, project, v6, hitrecord, musing

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