Morgan, Destiny, Lawrie, Metaphorest, and hitRECord

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To be honest, since I saw this, I was sort of intimidated to write a remark. Because it's such a big deal. I genuinely believe that I'll always think of Morgan M. Morgansen's Date with Destiny as a turning point for hitRECord going hand and hand with the transition from v3 to v4 and the transition from an informal art-sharing communty to a full fledged professional production company.

As great as the new site is, and as effective as our new production model may turn out to be, what matters most is the RECords themselves. And this, my dear Mr. Brewster, is what I'd call a hit RECord, in the old-fashioned sense of the term :)

My most heartfelt thanks and BRAVO to you and to Metaphorest. And to everyone else who has contributed to this collaborative effort. I love how very many of us have! We really did it this time, ladies and gentlemen. This'll show 'em. Just wait until the world gets a load of this at Sundance!

Not one blimp, nor two, but three! Cats, yes. Playing violins, yes. But with fishbones for bows? Brilliant. :oD

I feel in love with everyone here. Thank you so so so much.

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Created: Jan 10, 2010


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